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Must-Buy Medicines in Thailand Tour

1. Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster

Thailand’s most famous trademark Tiger Balm’s plaster is very powerful. In particular, Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster can be used for anti-inflammatory analgesia, muscle soreness, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, back pain, lumbar muscle strain, etc. The orange logo, plus a tiger, is very recognizable. Price is THB 295 for a box.

2.Thai Soffell repellent liquid

Thailand is a tropical country. The weather is very hot all year round, so there are more mosquitoes, and they are very toxic, but people here have no worry at all with this bottle of repellent liquid. It can last for 7 hours with a spray. It is not stinky, and repelling mosquitoes is particularly effective. The price is around 20 baht, and you can buy it at 7-11 or Boots.

3.Yanhee Hospital Breast Enhancement Cream

Yanhee Hospital is the most famous beauty hospital in Thailand. In addition to the well-developed cosmetic industry, many other products are actually worth recommending. In addition to Yanhee prescription diet pills, breast enhancement cream is also one of the very popular products.

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of breast enhancement cream on the chest, and then massage the chest for about 10 minutes. With long-term adherence, it can promote blood circulation and reduce chest blockage. The price is not expensive, about twenty dollars.

4.Hirudoid Forte Scar Removal Cream

The scar removing creams designated by the major Thai hospitals are also the best and safest scar removing products in Thailand. It can be used for hypertrophic scars and keloids which are caused by burns, scalds, cuts, traumas, surgical injuries, sores, and accidents. It can also be used for the repair of slim lines, stretch marks, facial and neck wrinkles.

Price is about 200 baht, and it is available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

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