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Mistine: Must-buy Skin Care Products Brand in Thailand

Mistine’s skin care products are surprisingly easy to use. Its makeup remover is not only strong in cleaning ability, but also feels gentle and non-irritating. In addition to make-up products, Mistine actually sells skin care products, which is a must-have item when traveling in Thailand.

Thailand Mistine Milk Makeup Cleansing

This Mistine makeup cleansing is recommended by many beauty bloggers. The blue and white packaging looks very refreshing, and the design of the bottle mouth is easy to use and hygienic. Squeeze the mouth and come out with a little creamy makeup cleansing. Apply it evenly on the face, gently massage until the makeup cleansing completely dissolves the makeup, then wipe off with a cotton pad, and finally wash your face with clean water to complete the makeup remover. It is only suitable for sun protection or isolation.

Thailand Mistine Lemon Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

The eye and lip makeup remover products from major brands are almost half oil and half water, but Mistine’s eye and lip makeup remover is completely water texture. You may think that makeup remover and eye makeup are inevitably unclean, but Mistine’s eye and lip makeup remover is not only refreshing, but also has no pressure to remove eyeliner lipstick, and it does not irritate the eyes at all. Just pour the proper amount of cleansing water on the cleansing cotton, apply the cleansing cotton on the eyes, wait for 10 seconds, and gently wipe off the eye makeup and lip makeup.

Thailand MistineBB Facial Cleansing Gel

This facial cleansing gel is the same series as the BB that Mistine and South Korea have collaborated before. The use of cleansing gel is very different from makeup cleansing. It needs to be neutralized with water, wet and foamed, and then applied to the face to cleanse makeup. This cleansing gel can make a lot of foam in just a little bit. It is not irritating, the taste is very light and smells good, and it is also very clean. The texture is refreshing, not as greasy as cleansing oil, nor as irritating as cleansing water. The cleansing gel is as gentle as the makeup cleansing, so the makeup cleansing effect will inevitably be insufficient. It is only suitable for use when applying sunscreen or single application.

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