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Warorot Market

Warorot Market is located in the northeast corner of the Chiang Mai Old City, near Ping River. It is a large market integrating fruits, dry goods, cooked food, groceries, flowers and so on, and it is cheap and beautiful. For fresh fruit and fried pigskin, you’re right here. There is also a flower market next to it. You can buy a nice wreath to wear around your neck and stroll around market with the smell of flowers.

Snackland and specialty heaven

During the day, there are various fruit stalls on the roadside. The fruits for sale here are fresh and the price are very cheap. In the evening, it has become a sacred place for snacks. Roasted meat, meatballs and so on are overflowing with fragrance, which will make you drool. There are many types of dried fruits in the market, and you can try them, including dried durians, dried mangoes, etc., which are quite popular. It is absolutely right to buy specialty products here. If you buy more, you can bargain appropriately.

There is also a very cheap shop in the market for cosmetics such as L’Oreal, which is even cheaper than duty-free shops. In addition, a variety of crafts, souvenir shops and cheap clothing stores can also help you spend your free time there. There are also many gold shops here, which can be said to be a gathering area for Chinese in Chiang Mai.

The Warorot Market in Chiang Mai is said to be the largest and most affordable shopping market in Chiang Mai. Strictly speaking, this area is a wholesale market consisting of different types of markets, including food, non-staple food, daily necessities, stationery category, clothing category, etc. It is open from early to midnight, and part of the market becomes a night market at night.

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