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Thai RAY Facial Mask

In the early years, the RAY mask became a must-have for visitors to Thailand. RAY mask is also famous in Thailand for its good efficacy and low price. That is to say, not relying on advertising or marketing, it has won the good reputation of the present.

Type of RAY mask

The RAY mask is available in both gold and silver versions. Gold mask features skin restoration, and the main effect is to repair acne marks, lighten red blood, lifting firming, brighten skin; silver mask main features moisturizing, and the main effect is to clean skin and moisturize, whitening skin, shrink pores, skin after-sun recovery. Both masks have a similar feel and the moisturizing effect is great! The RAY Gold Mask contains a small amount of gold foil, which improves the permeability of the skin, regulates the acid-base balance, and inhibits melanin.

Advantages of Thai RAY Mask

The RAY mask paper is made from natural silk from Rayong, Thailand. Silk fibroin in silk can absorb heavy metals and has excellent antibacterial properties, which is extremely beneficial for sub-health and allergies! The mask made of silk is very thin, which is only 0.01 mm thick, and is very light and breathable. The adsorption capacity of the mask is also particularly strong, the net content of each mask is 35g, the water retention rate can reach 96%, so the essence adsorbed on the mask is particularly a lot.

Thai RAY mask use feeling

The RAY mask has a very good fit and is as thin and comfortable as a thin layer of soft yarn on the face. Because there are many essences in the mask, in the case of not being particularly short of water, the RAY mask can be applied for up to half an hour and it is not dry.

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