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Thai Kiss Me Doll Scarf

Today, I would like to recommend to you a national brand of silk scarves in Thailand that is worthy your shopping during your trip in Thailand: Kiss Me Doll. The designer of Kiss Me Dol used the silk scarf as a canvas to create a childlike and beautiful pattern. When wearing a silk scarf of Kiss Me Doll, yes, you are a beautiful girl!

Every scarf of Kiss Me Dol is super-eye-catching, and the cute style is matched with the high-grade silk material. With the flexible and wearable way, you don’t want to leave at the counter!

The average price of Kiss Me Dol is 50 baht. Giving it to both family and friends is new ideas. There are many styles, and there are hundreds of kinds of prints! For the popular high-carous carousel style, your mood is as happy as visiting the amusement park when wearing it! There is also a collaboration items between brands such as Hello Kitty/moomin/Disney.

There are so many ways to unlock the use of silk scarves. Silk scarf has a high fashion index, but it doesn’t work well if you don’t match clothing perfectly! So, in addition to the basic usage of the bib, bag decoration, etc., you also need to know: Kiss Me Dol silk scarf can be used as a headgear, can be used as a belt, can be bracelet decoration, to make you elegant and creative! The box of Kiss Me doll is also cute! As a souvenir, you will be reluctant to open it!

Kiss Me doll has stores in major shopping malls in Thailand. When you travel to Thailand, you must remember to go shopping. Whether you are using it for yourself or giving away your friend, it is a very good choice.

Kiss Me Doll specific information:

Store name: Kiss Me Doll

Average price: 50+ baht

Store address: SIAM CENTER, SIAM PARAGON (Siam Paragon Mall basement level), TERMINAL 21 (T21 Mall 3rd Floor), Central World counter, Ferris wheel night market, JJ Market, etc. Google the name of the store is reachable.

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