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Thai Beauty Brand: Beauty Buffet

Tourists who come to Thailand for shopping generally buy products from the skincare brand Beauty Buffet. Beauty Buffet, a brand that combines makeup and skin care, may not have the meticulous or special effects of big-name skin care products, but in general, it is still very cheap. And the ingredients of Beauty Buffet’s products are mainly natural and healthy, and the taste is also very good. It is even known as “the most delicious beauty shop in the city”! Many tourists, especially female friends, generally won’t miss this brand.

For example, Beauty Buffet milk facial cleanser and various facial masks have always been well-known and very popular. In short, Beauty Buffet is a brand that Thai locals like very much. It can meet your basic skincare needs.

Beauty Buffet Hand Cream

The taste of Beauty Buffet hand cream is really good. The light floral scent has a very light taste which is very suitable for daily use whether for an adult or a student. Beauty Buffet official website says that this product is a mildly acidic and mild formula that has zero irritation to the skin and has a high moisturizing effect. The moisturization of the product is appropriate, and it is not oily in summer.

Beauty Buffet AQUA COMPLEX Toner

This Toner is the best-selling set of Beauty Buffet. Organic deep-sea algae extract and squalane help intensive hydration and cleansing and moisturizing, and is rich in vitamin B5, which helps repair dry and damaged skin, enhances skin smoothness, and even helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Beauty Buffet toner does have a good smell, and many tourists who have been to Thailand have recommended it. Even Thai people will use Beauty Buffet toner. After using it, the skin will have a little oil-controlling effect. And it is a must-buy item for your shopping list in Bangkok.

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