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King Power Pattaya Complex

King Power is one of the must-go malls for all tourists who come to Thailand. It is favored by most people, mainly because the contents are complete and the price is affordable.  Today, we will introduce the King Power Pattaya Complex for you.

King Power Pattaya Complex is located in the eastern coastal area of ​​Pattaya, covering a total area of ​​over 8,000 square meters. The mall as a whole is a huge square glass building with a bright and clean interior. This is a modern building with soft lines and silver windows, giving people the novel, generous and comfortable feeling.

The layout of Pattaya King Power Duty Free Store

For the first floor, there are Thai local products. Such as Thai traditional clothing, durian, mango, and other fruit products, tourist souvenirs, etc. are all available here. And green herbal cream, NaRaYa bag, and various brands of durian dried can be bought on the first floor. In general, the goods on this floor are suitable as gifts to relatives and friends. However, these products are not duty-free, but can be processed for tax refund.

For the second floor, it mainly sells big-name luxury goods, including beauty, watches, and electronics. Major brands include Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Armani, Tissot, Hermes, Bulgari, Fendi, Salvador Ferragamo, Gucci, Todds,  Coach, etc.

For the third floor, it is the restaurant lounge area. On this floor, there is a large cafeteria which is called Ramayana, and it is rich in food, including seafood, steaks, salads, desserts, Japanese dishes, etc. Friends who are tired of shopping at King Power Duty Free Shop, can come here for a full meal. The price of lunch is 500 Baht per person, and the mealtime is 11: 00-14: 30; dinner is 800 Baht per person, and the mealtime is 17: 00-21: 30.

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