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KATJI: Thailand’s Original Multipurpose Canvas Bag Worthy Your Buying

There are many bag brands in Thailand. In addition to the most famous Bangkok bag Naraya, there are many independent design brands. For example, KATJI, not only it is a multipurpose bag brand, but also its price and appearance are very beautiful, and it is worth buying!

The designers of KATJI are two cute Thai girls. Because they wanted to have a versatile bag for different occasions, they designed the versatile and multi-purpose bags and founded the KATJI brand. There are not many styles of KATJI bags. However, all bags are designed to be dual-use or even multi-use. Coupled with color changes and the use of material stitching, the same color of the KATJI bags can also produce stunning results.

Toast Bag

Dimensions: H25 x W23 x D10 cm

Reference price: $ 20

Toast Bag has a square appearance, but compared to Square Up, it is more mini-exquisite and more suitable for Mori women’s clothing. Toast’s strap is a very thick cotton rope. You can adjust the length and use of the rope by knotting the cotton rope according to your needs. It is very casual. Whether it’s on one shoulder, across the body, or on both shoulders, the Toast Bag is very comfortable in every way.

Traveller Bag

Dimensions: W21 x H19 x D4 cm

Reference price: $ 25

The Traveller Bag’s nickname is also called Pip Bag. Just like its name, Traveller Bag is more suitable for traveling. Whether as a messenger bag that is slung across the back or as a chest bag that is across the chest, it is very fashionable. If you want to show a good-looking pose, you may wish to pack its strap and use it as a handbag, which is also simple and beautiful, and it is essential for hipsters.

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