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Don’t Miss the Prada Products at Central Embassy Mall

Central Embassy is part of Bangkok’s Central Group, a large mall that the group has built in recent years. When Central Group was building the Central Embassy Mall, it was committed to making it the top shopping place in Bangkok, and expected Central Embassy to become a new landmark in Bangkok. In less than three years, both goals of the Central Group have been achieved.

For the Prada brand, the rare and precious materials, and precision manufacturing technology are part of Parada DNA.

The Prada store in the Central Embassy mall is located on the G floor. The products in the store are mainly bags and shoes. The front of the store is divided into three parts. The middle is the entrance to the store. The two sides are showcases, whose windows are dominated by yellow. The window shows the hot sales and new products of the season in steps. The placement of the mirror inside the store visually expands the entire space, and also makes the Prada store here look brighter and tidier, while the floor is affixed with black and white rhombus tiles, the floor and ceiling echoes each other, and make the whole store’s whole space more open. Products for sale in the shop include men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags, leather products, etc.

In addition to the Prada brand, there are also MCM, Seek, Zara, New Balance, Pronto, etc., their decoration and design are also very unique, which are worth visiting when you are shopping at Central Embassy Mall Bangkok.

Central Embassy Mall Transportation Information: In Bangkok, you can take the Bangkok BTS Skytrain, get off at Phloenchit station, then cross the overpass, you can get to Central Embassy mall, or get off at Chidlom station, then walk through Central Chidlom mall, to reach Central Embassy.

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