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Daddy and the Muscle Academy: Must-visit Place for Bangkok Shopping

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is famous on the Internet! From clothing to shops, it’s perfect for taking pictures! So even if it is a clothing shop, many tourists like to come here for a visit. Daddy and the Muscle Academy is also pink girly style, with all pink decoration from the inside to outside. But unlike Match Box, this is the American retro style. You can see a lot of graffiti, stickers and neon lights inside and outside the store. It is also more colorful in color. There are also bunk beds, dressing tables and old-fashioned TVs, making it look like a Disney fairytale doll house.

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is actually a local Thai clothing brand, other items for sale in other collection stores are also available here. The store at Siam Square is its first flagship store. In addition to its own clothing, it also collects other brands’ products, such as InstaJC Co, Frung Fring Girl and so on. The store sells miscellaneous items, in addition to clothes, shoes, hats, bags and accessories, there are stationery, dolls, stickers, mirrors, mobile phone cases and other miscellaneous goods. Its rainbow colors design is also very popular with girls, and many people can’t help but shop here.

The clothes in the store are all in rainbow candy colors, with very retro styles, showing the 90s style. But the clothes aren’t old and boring at all, but look special and different when you wear them. The price is not expensive, most of them are under 1,000 baht. There is also a small café behind the shop with only three or four seats. There are rainbow cakes, ice cream and drinks at the price of 80-100 baht. The decoration style of Daddyand the Muscle Academy is really beautiful.

Daddy and the Muscle Academy Store Address:

Siam Square Soi 2

Opening hours: 12: 00-21: 00

Price: 100-1000 Baht

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