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Cute Press Hot-sale Products Recommendations

In most people’s impressions, the beauty brands in Thailand seem to be only Mistine and Beauty buffet. In addition to these two brands, Thailand actually has a well-qualified and well-loved cosmetics brand which is called Cute Press. The brand feels cute, and it looks so appealing to many girls when they look at its pink appearance. In addition to its charming appearance, Cute Press’s product quality is also very good, healthy and harmless, and the cost performance is very high. Here are some of the hottest products from Cute Press for you to go shopping in Thailand!

Cute Press Mermaid Lipstick

Speaking of Cute Press, the most popular product is this lipstick. This lipstick is a collaboration product with Disney. The ceramic-texture shell has a cartoon prototype mermaid. And the silver inner tube is embedded in it. With moderate size, it is easy to carry and it looks very cute. This lipstick has a total of 5 colors, with both vibrant orange for girls, and red for urban girls. This lipstick is a matte lipstick, which is not too dry and is easy to color, and the chroma is good.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★★

Reference price: 259 Baht

Cute Press Blusher Eyeshadow Set

The appearance of “beauty and beast” shows that this product is also a collaboration product between Cute Press and Disney. Blusher and Eyeshadow are placed in a plate, which is very convenient. This model has two color numbers. The Eyeshadow of the two-color numbers are earth colors. The blusher is slightly different. The first color is orange and the second color is pink. Girls can choose their favorite color number according to their hobbies. The eyeshadow and blusher powders are very delicate, the color is full, the eyeshadows are slightly flashy, and the blushers are matte. In addition, the box is also equipped with an eyeshadow brush and a blusher brush.

Recommendation rate: ★★★★

Reference price: 599 Baht

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