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Bangkok Makro Supermarket

Thailand’s Makro is a wholesale supermarket which is owned by the Chia Tai Group. Chia Tai Group was founded in Bangkok in 1921 by two brothers Xie Yichu and Xie Shaofei. Today, Mr. Xie Guomin is the director of the group. Makro is the only warehouse-operated supermarket in Thailand. The location is generally to avoid the downtown area. There is a large parking lot in front of almost every Makro supermarket. There is a doorman at the door to greet and direct the parking. It is also easy to drive there by yourself.

The operating area of the supermarket is relatively large. Basically, each Makro occupies the area as large as that of several football fields. The storage racks are integrated and the decoration is simple. This also saves costs, so tourists can buy cheaper products here. You can take the shopping cart on the first floor and start shopping on the second floor. There are two shopping carts to choose from. The shopping cart has a large capacity.

Tall shelves are stacked for a total of five layers, but this also greatly saves storage space so that Makro can display more products for sale. Various styles of cups, hangers, towels, clothes rails, shoe racks and more are all available. Even bedding and mattresses are on sale here! The cleaning equipment is also very complete to meet all cleaning needs.

Compared to ordinary life supermarkets, Makro has a more complete supply of ingredients, vegetables, fruits, seafood, imported seasonings, snacks, drinks, and even Chinese food ingredients are optional here. However, the packaging in Makro is all in bulk.

Makro also has medicines for sale, test pills, nasal pass, mosquito repellent water, grass cream, etc. can be bought here at wholesale prices! Finally, with Makro’s ticket you can park for two hours for free!

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