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7-Eleven Convenience Store in Thailand

As soon as the plane to Bangkok landed, many people were anxious to find the 7-11. The various snacks for sale in convenience stores are not only delicious but also special souvenirs for family and friends. Let’s check out the must-buy snacks in 7-Eleven during your trip to Thailand.


Reference price: 50 Baht

Koh-Kae is Thailand’s most popular snack and is very famous. There are many flavors to choose from, including chicken flavor, shrimp flavor, coconut milk flavor, barbecue flavor, mustard flavor, coffee flavor, etc. Each taste has its own characteristics with a crispy texture, and a large portion, which is a good choice for drinking and chatting!

Pocky Choco Banana Flavor

Reference price: 36 Baht

Pocky snacks are favorite snacks for many Thais. And the cute little monkey package makes people appetite. Banana milk flavor is a taste limited in Thailand, which can instantly recall the taste of banana milk ice cream in childhood.


Reference price: 20-40 Baht

The package of Lay’s in Thailand has a big smile, making it very popular among many people who like taking photos. At the same time, Lay’s also launched a unique “2 in 1” package in Thailand, which has two flavors of grilled seafood and green curry.

Ete durian ice cream

Reference price: 25 baht

If you go to Thailand when it is not durian season, then durian ice cream in 7-Eleven Convenience Store cannot be missed for those who like to eat durian in Thailand. Durian flavor is full enough with creamy fragrant, to make up the regret for not eating durian!

Bento Squid

Reference price: 15 Baht

Bento is a delicious snack for squid lovers who come to 7-Eleven Convenience Store in Thailand. In the package, there are pieces of dried squids, which are full of spicy taste.

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