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La Dotta Restaurant

The owner of La Dotta restaurant felt that blue has a light and bright feeling, which makes people have the urge to push the door to enter the store at first glance, so he decided to use it as the main color of the decoration. From the appearance to the interior, there are all blue decorations.

After you enter the store, an oversized window will draw you a closer look, which displays a variety of Italian Pasta, and many of which are not found in daily supermarkets. There are countless sauces here. If you are not a culinary expert, it may be difficult to name these items.

La Dotta’s window is next to an open kitchen, where you can see the whole process of food preparation, and on the other side of the window, it is a long table and chairs for diners. La Dotta also has a small attic, but it is generally open to small groups of diners, and go to the top floor, you will see there is a small bar. If you are lucky, you may happen to meet the handsome Bartender. After eating salty food, try a cocktail, it is too refreshing.

La Dotta’s most popular food is pasta, you can directly come for classic Bucatini Amatriciana. Before trying the staple pasta, Waiter will suggest you an appetizing salad. This appetizing salad is a mix of beetroot, organic vegetables, fresh citrus and roasted almond kernels. It has sour and sweet multiple tastes and instantly opens the door to your taste buds.

La Dotta’s chefs are very particular about the ingredients. They use fresh and organically grown vegetables and fruits of good quality, and use appropriate methods to prepare the perfect pasta sauce, and these are the keys to making a delicious pasta. Friends who like to eat Pasta may wish to try it.

Recommended list: Tagliolini Summer Black Truffle (790 baht); Tortelloni Bolognese (370 baht); Bucatini Amatriciana (340 baht); Almond Cake With Orange Marmalade & Mixed Berries (190 baht)

Business hours: 11: 00 – 14: 30, 17: 30 – 23: 00 (Closed on Mondays)

Phone: +66 2 392 8688

Address: 161/6 Thong Lo 9 Road, North Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

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