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Bangkok May Veggie Home Vegetarian Restaurant

May Veggie Home restaurant is a well-known, vegan Thai restaurant in Bangkok. It is modern and simple, and fits Bangkok’s urban temperament and is perfect for a quiet taste of vegetarian food. Although it is a vegetarian restaurant, it is loved by non-vegetarians, not only because of the emphasis on ingredients and taste, but also the scenery presented by each dish, which allows diners to have a more authentic and beautiful experience of vegetarianism and understanding.

There are so many foods in May Veggie Home, and the vegetarian taste is better than meat dish. It is heard that because the restaurant wants to show you more delicious vegan dishes, the chefs have made various R & D and attempts. In order to maintain the vegan tone, even the milk in milk tea has been replaced with vegetable milk. Thai cuisine is classic fish sauce that won’t be used either. The so-called real chef here must be able to control any ingredient.

The dishes here are based on Western-style vegetarian food, accompanied by the French-style ritual plate. With the exception of individual meat dishes, most of them are creative vegan dishes, and more importantly, there is no MSG added. For the dishes here, you can try the Thai cold salad PAPAYA, VEGGAN CAKE, Vietnamese spring rolls, avocado salad, etc.

May Veggie Home is a place where you can’t stop eating vegetarian food. Every dish here will exceed your expectations, and the evaluation on the Internet is super high. It’s about 500 Baht per person for a meal, so it’s worth trying.

Address: Soi 16 Ratchadaphisek Rd-Soi Sukhumvit 16, Khwaeng Khlong Toei

Per capita consumption: 500 baht

Transportation: It is recommended to take the BTS Skytrain to Asok Station, walk to the intersection and turn right, and go straight for about 200 meters.

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