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โจ๊ก เปิด หม้อ: Thailand’s Hottest Casserole Porridge Restaurant

In Thailand, there are many places where you can eat porridge. When it comes to casserole porridge, it is rare. So “โจ๊ก เปิด หม้อ” becomes famous in Thailand because the owner sells casserole porridge. There are more than a dozen branches in Bangkok, which have been extended to Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other provinces. Then various TV shows invited it to make porridge on the spot.

This ceramic pot has large pores and high temperature resistance, and with its small mouth and slow heat dissipation, the rice porridge is particularly fragrant. However, in Thailand, charcoal is used for grilling. Like usual barbecues, a dozen small pots are roasted at once. After baking, the pot is then slowly burned in a small charcoal stove to keep the temperature of the porridge. This restaurant is best known for its Tom Yum Kung Seafood porridge, which is then served with super big prawns.

Traditional porridge is relatively light-taste, so if you don’t like spicy porridge, you can choose from the following light and healthy porridge, such as salmon porridge, vegan porridge, original seafood porridge, or the most classic pork egg congee.

In addition to porridge, there are also Thai classic snacks. If you want to taste a drink or dessert, please put the dessert in the cup into the smoothie first, and then pour the drink in.

The price of porridge depends on how much food material you put in. The more you put on it, the more expensive it is. The average price is between THB 35 and THB 159. If it is a mixed cauldron for 2 to 4 people, it will cost around THB 659.

Store Information:

Bangkok Store Address: Ladprao71, Rongmai Intersection, Nakniwat, Ladprao, Bangkok.

Chiang Mai Store Address: Ningman Road, Lane 17 First Crossing Turn Right (Behind Kindergarten)

Opening hours: 17: 00-00: 00

Phone: +66 961232858

Pattaya Store Address: Pattaya 3rdRoad. Next to BAAC Bank, Building 4 Room, Chaloem Phra Kiat

Phone: +66 986164615

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