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Chiang Mai

As the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai has preserved a large number of temple sites. The green mountains, clear water and beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai and many humanities and historical sites are favored by domestic and foreign tourists. More than 300 temple stupas, as a testimony of history and a sediment of culture, are scattered all over the streets. The vicissitudes of the Wat Chedi Luang and the splendid Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep are among the famous representatives. In addition to the old city streetscape, Chiang Mai also is surrounded by mountains, whose natural scenery is equally charming. On the west side of the old city, the lake of Chiang Mai University is quiet and serene. It is a wonderful place to purify the mind and body. The hiking or cycling is a pleasant and healthy way to visit Chiang Mai. To the north of the old city, the “jungle leap” that glides down in the virgin forest is a must-see feature.

Top 5 must-see attractions in Chiang Mai:

Chiang Mai Old City: The essence of Chiang Mai and it is the concentration of most temples and attractions, as well as numerous hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Nimman Road (Nimmanhemin): The example of Thai style partysu, and it is the smallest commercial area in Chiang Mai, which is interesting and beautiful.

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep: Also known as Suthep Temple, it is named after the two long dragons sitting on the steps on both sides and it is a famous Buddhist summer resort in Thailand.

Wat Chedi Luang: The largest temple among the six major temples in Chiang Mai which was founded in 1411 and is the highest-ranking temple in Chiang Mai with the Wat Phra Singh.

Sunday Night Market: The famous Chiang Mai Night Market, which offers the one-stop solution for eating, drinking and playing and it is a place for souvenir distribution and a good place to experience the culture of Northern Thailand.

Best places for shopping in Chiang Mai:

There are several good places to go shopping in Chiang Mai, including the Night Bazzar in the eastern part of the old city, the Saturday Walking Street on Th Wualai Road, and the Sunday Walking Street on Th Ratchadamnoen Road. When night comes, a variety of vendors gathering here to sell tribal handicrafts, Thai specialties, and a variety of snacks. In addition, Warorot Market, Somphet Market, JJ Market Chiang Mai, Central Kad Suan Keaw, O.P. Place, Hilltribe Products Promotion Center, Warorot Market, Central Festival Chiang Mai, Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport, etc. are also excellent place for you go shopping in Chiang Mai.

Nightlife in Chiang Mai:

The bars in Chiang Mai are concentrated on Th Moon Muang Street near the gate of Pratu Tha Phae. You can see many sweaty foreigners, cheap beers, countless neon lights in the bars. And some great bars and restaurants on the east bank of the MAE PING RIVER offer music performance. There are also many crazy nightclubs on Nimmanhaemin near Chiang Mai University, where many local young people and foreigners gather. In additions, Boy Blues Bar, THC Rooftop Bar, Monkey Club, Warm Up, The Good View Bar & Restaurant, The Riverside Bar And Restaurant, etc. are ideal choices to experience nightlife in Chiang Mai.

Restaurants to enjoy delicious local food in Chiang Mai:

Compared with the Bangkok’s restaurants, the Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai can be said to be quite plain. For people in northern Thailand, they pay more attention to the conveyance of food tastes than the luxury restaurant decoration. However, as a big city, you can also find some Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai that have both the dining atmosphere and the unique taste. Dash! Restaurant and Bar, We’s Restaurant, Cooking Love, Lemongrass Thai Cuisine, Sukontha Buffet, Huen Phen, The Good View Bar & Restaurant, etc. are all great restaurants for you to enjoy delicious local food in Chiang Mai.

These are what you can enjoy tour your trip to Chiang Mai. Just make a travel to Chiang Mai now.

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