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Amphawa is a small town which is less than 80 kilometers south of Bangkok. It is part of the Samut Songkhram. It is located near the mouth of the Mekong River. It is rich in rice, coconut, fruit, big head shrimp etc. There are not many foreigners visiting here. Most of them are interested in the Amphawa Floating Market there. The Amphawa Floating Market is not commercialized. And there are a lot of Thai natives. You can experience the strong Thai culture there, Thai people are more to see this place as the resort to release pressure and go away from the hustle and bustle.

Amphawa’s most famous attraction is Amphawa Floating Market. It is said that 60% of Bangkok people come back to the market on weekends, because it is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It is not as popular as the surrounding Dannen Sando Floating Market (which is open every morning). However, in recent years, some backpackers who are pursuing the experience of the original Thai city life are coming here, and Amphawa Floating Market has become a tourist attraction that is familiar to tourists. Because it is a local market, the price here is much more approachable than the over-commercial Dannensha. If you come to Amphawa, it is best to spend a night here, so you can enjoy the fireflies on the river by boat in the evening, and you don’t need to catch the shuttle bus back to Bangkok. The firefly tour can be booked at a travel company in the Amphawa Floating Market, which costs about 60 baht on weekends and costs about THB 500 from Monday to Friday. In addition, around Amphawa, the world’s most dangerous market, the Meigong Railway Market is also a very worthwhile attraction.

Best places for shopping in Amphawa:

For best places for you to go shopping in Amphawa, you can go to Central world, Tha Kha Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, Pin Suwan Bencharong etc.

Restaurants to enjoy delicious local food in Amphawa:

Here are great recommendations to taste the local food in Amphawa: Pawat Somtum Seafood, Som Tum seafood, devaree boutique, The Kittens Koffie Arts ‘n Eats, Saban-Nga Resturant, etc.

Amphawa has a tropical monsoon climate and is divided into cool, hot and rainy seasons throughout the year. The cool season is from November to February, when the climate of Amphawa is comfortable and pleasant, with an average monthly temperature of around 17 °C – 24 °C, which is most suitable for tourism. The hot season is from March to May, when the maximum temperature can reach above 30 °C, the weather is extremely hot, and it is necessary to do sun protection work if you make your trip to Amphawa.

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