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Bangkok Niche Bars Recommendations

Havana Social Bar

What many people like about Havana Social Bar is that it restores the details of the decoration before the Cuban Revolution: mottled beams, stucco peeling ceiling, etc. so that you can imagine what the pre-revolutionary bar looked like. Of course, it is a Speakeasy Bar. To enter the Havana Social Bar, you must use a secret code to connect like a street agent. You can’t find any word about Havana in the alley, but there is only a humble phone booth. That’s right, you have found the entrance to Havana. Next, you just need to find the password and press the password on the phone to open the door to the bar!

The first glass has Bacardi black rum and Hennessy, and the second glass has Brandy and Lemon Juice and more. Havana’s cocktails are basically rum-based.

Location: Sukhumvit 11

Per capita consumption: 300 baht

Honest Mistake Bar

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret behind Honest Mistake Bar? On the surface, it is a pawnshop, but behind it, it is an underground casino which is controlled by a gangster. Admission is subject to a “protection fee.” After you enter into the bar, it turns out to be a 1930s retro Shanghai-style mix Speakeasy-style bar. The owner of the bar has ingeniously designed several “Mistake” decorations. Can you find them?

There are three types of cocktails specializing in the combination of Chinese and Western cocktails. They are divided into three types: mixed cocktails, sweet and sour cocktails and Gin Tonic cocktails. Cocktails are made by mixing various Chinese wines and Chinese materials to make the signature cocktail in the bar: China Town (360 Baht). As for the taste, you can evaluate it according to your own experience.

Location: Aqua, Ari

Per capita consumption: 360 THB

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