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Category: Restaurants

Busaba Café

There is such a small shop across from Wat Mahathat. Before you are stepping into the store, the enticing fragrance comes out, and follow the fragrance to enter inside, you will feel that the store is small and the warm Read More

May Kaidee Restaurant Bangkok

Vegetarian food should be pure. Regardless of the vegetarian motive about religious belief, health, environmental protection, or economy, and regardless of the difference in the classification of vegetarians, choosing the vegetarian is only a choice of eating habits. Nowadays, vegetarian Read More

Bangkok Somboon Seafood Restaurant

Speaking of Somboon Seafood’s food, we cannot miss its various seafood, such as garlic fried shrimp, fish sauce shrimp, grilled river prawns, braised fish stew soup, garlic steamed river prawns, simmered grouper, fried sea bass, grilled seafood platter, sturgeon stray Read More