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Ayutthaya, once the ancient capital of Thailand, is the capital of Ayutthaya, Thailand. It is located in central Thailand, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, which is 88 kilometers north of the capital Bangkok. Ayutthaya was founded in Read More


Most of the area in the north of Kanchanaburi is the plateau, and the northern hills are undulating and tumultuous. There are dense forests and rivers, and there are many waterfalls and national parks. The northwestern region of Kanchanaburi is Read More

Chiang Rai

Built in 1262, Chiang Rai was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom in the 13th century. It is now the capital of the northernmost part of Thailand. It is about 785 kilometers from Bangkok and covers an area of Read More


Bangkok is the capital and largest city of Thailand. It is located in the central part of Thailand. It takes almost the same time from Bangkok to Phuket in the south and Chiang Mai in the north. Bangkok is also Read More

Chiang Mai

As the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai has preserved a large number of temple sites. The green mountains, clear water and beautiful scenery of Chiang Mai and many humanities and historical sites are favored by domestic and foreign Read More


Pattaya has a long white sandy beach of 3km. Visitors can come here to enjoy various water activities, or take a ferry boat or hydrofoil to enjoy leisurely fun. For those who like quiet atmosphere, they can head to Jomtien Read More


Phuket is an island with the relatively concentrated attractions and entertainment in Thailand. It is not boring to play here for a week. There are 12 beaches on Phuket, which are mature and the three beaches where tourists are concentrated Read More