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Malika City, a Beautiful Sightseeing Place in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Malika city is an exclusive place to play in Kanchanaburi. Here you will walk through the time of Rama V, wear Thai clothes, DIY traditional snacks, and experience special fun! This jasmine city imitates the architecture and customs of the King V of the fifth century after the capital was built in Bangkok. Tickets are 200 baht per person. If it includes Thai clothing, it is only 350 baht per person.

When you are buying tickets, the worker will ask if you want to rent Thai clothes. If you want to wear Thai clothing, they will take you to a special dressing room to choose clothing. The so-called Thai clothing is composed of two different colors of cloth, there are special people to help you wear it.

Rows of rickshaws are neatly parked at the entrance of Malika city. You can experience an old mobility tool. The rickshaw is retro-styled, and the staff will help you take pictures very enthusiastically, and it is free of charge! For those who do not want to walk, you can rent a rickshaw directly. But it’s more fun to walk and eat in it! After entering, you must use ancient copper coins to buy items. You can first exchange them outside Malika city, or you can exchange them at the exchange point in Malika city, which is very convenient. Unused copper coins can be refunded when you come out of the city.

After you enter the Malika city, it suddenly turns into a new world. The street vendors and furnishings are all like the Thais styles in ancient times. The street vendors inside are also wearing Thai clothes, and it has a feeling of being in Thai drama cosplay.

There are also some houses in the form of ancient Thai architecture, small bridges and flowing water in the Malika city, which are good settings for taking pictures! Children wearing Thai clothes are also super cute, so it is also suitable for family outings.

Address: 168 Moo 5 Singh sub-district, Saiyok district, Kanchanaburi

Opening hours: 9:00-21:00

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