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Mae Ping River

Mae Ping River is the source of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s mother river. The river originates in the mountains in northern Chiang Mai, then passes through the city from downtown Chiang Mai, flows through the plateau of Northern Thailand, and flows from Bangkok to the sea. There are many specialty coffee shops or snack shops along the Mae Ping River. You can sit down in a comfortable shop by the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery by the river while tasting the delicious food. It is very comfortable with the refreshing river breeze.

Mae Ping River is another sibling river of the Mekong River. This river is also a very important transportation route. There are many boats on the river. It is also very good when visiting here. The river is also a very important facility, which is quite interesting. There are many Thai and Siamese buildings on both sides of the river by boat. If you want to take a boat tour, you can board the boat from the Warorot Market.

The water of the moat of the ancient city of Chiang Mai is also introduced from Mae Ping River, which has extraordinary significance to the Chiang Mai city. Both sides of the river bank are very primitive, and the ecological environment is very good. You can take a wooden boat to tour the entire Mae Ping River, which is also a new way to visit Chiang Mai. Mae Ping River is not wide, the ancient city on both sides of the river is very beautiful, and there are several distinctive stone and wooden bridges on the river, which is an excellent place to take pictures. In addition to traveling on a boat, it is highly recommended to choose a hotel by the river, sit comfortably under a big tree to enjoy the cool.

Mae Ping River is not far from the ancient city. It doesn’t take long way to go east from Thapae Gate. You don’t need other transportation at all. You can walk for a while by the river and choose a restaurant you like in the evening and sit down. Enjoying the sunset and eating dinner by the river, your happiness index will definitely increase.

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