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Koh Nang Yuan Travel Guide

Koh Nang Yuan is a small island about 60 kilometers north of Koh Samui and on the edge of Koh Tao. It consists of three tiny islands. It has a famous herringbone beach. The beach is only 200 meters wide but the scenery is beautiful. Although Koh Nang Yuan is small, there are many things worth playing.

The first thing to say is of course diving. Koh Nang Yuan has a famous diving center which is called Nangyuan Easy Divers. It cooperates with Nangyuan Resort, the only accommodation on Koh Nang Yuan. If you take participate in diving, you can get a discount on the accommodation.

In Koh Nang Yuan, you can see a lot of small fish in the shallow water of the shore. Many foreigners take their children to play here, and the children always have a good time. From Koh Nang Yuan you can also swim to the famous diving spot “Japanese Garden”. But it must be noted that although the water next to Koh Nang Yuan is very clear, it has a lot of shells on the beach, which is not only very lame, but also the feet will be easily scratched if you step on the sharp shell fragments. So, be careful when you are playing in the water. In addition, Koh Nang Yuan’s wooden boardwalk has been repaired from the pier to the position where it is almost a half-circle around the island, so it is also a good choice to enjoy the sea view while blowing the soft breeze along the wooden boardwalk.

When you see the brand of Koh Nangyuan Viewpoint, you can walk to the viewing platform. In addition, in order to protect the environment, Koh Nang Yuan is not allowed to bring disposable plastic bottles of drinks, so it is recommended that you bring your own kettle.

The top of the view point is a large stone, from where you can overlook the entire landscape of Koh Nang Yuan. It has a panoramic view of the entire herringbone beach. The scenery is very beautiful and it is a great place that is suitable for taking pictures. However, you must pay attention to safety when taking pictures. After all, it is a large stone in the open air, and there are no protection measures.

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