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Koh Chang Highlights: Attractions That You Cannot Miss for Your Romantic Thai Trips

Although Koh Chang is also one of the popular resorts for group travelers in Thailand, it still retains some original features and fascinating scenery, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy a romantic vacation.

Attractions in the west coast of Koh Chang

Hat kai mook

Hat Kai Mook does not have pearls. The “pearls” referred to here are actually pebbles, and they accumulate a large area on the coastline and headland. Hat Kai Mook is not very suitable for swimming or sunbathing, because there will be some rocks on the beach, but it is a very suitable place for diving.

Ao Khlong Prao

Ao Khlong Prao should actually be regarded as a bay. This beach is inlaid between huge capes and cut by two estuaries. Compared to the Hat Sai Khao, it is smaller in scale but less crowded. It is very interesting to enjoy the rising and falling tide here. The waves beat the undulating sandy beaches, leaving shallow creatures on the sandy beaches, and sometimes there can be extra gains. Ao Khlong Prao is also not very suitable for sunbathing and swimming because the wind and waves here are relatively large.

Ban Bang Bao

Ban Bang Bao was originally a fishing village, which was later converted into a small pier area of Koh Chang. From here, tourists can go to small islands around Koh Chang, such as Ko Kut. There are a lot of water restaurants and special water accommodations, all with good views.

Attractions in the east coast of Koh Chang

Ao Salak Kok

From a hotel developer’s perspective, this mangrove forest has no value, but it just allows it to be preserved intact. Mangrove forests nurture the next generation of marine species and play an important role in purifying water quality. This bay is already a model of Koh Chang ecotourism.

For transportation on Koh Chang, you can choose to take a songthaew to and from various beaches. The price generally starts from 50 baht, and the price varies depending on the length of the journey. Of course, you can also rent a motorcycle for excursions on Koh Chang.

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