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How to Find a Diving School in Ko Lanta?

Ko Lanta has about 20 diving schools, and mainly are distributed in the northern part of Ko Lanta, and there are about 10 schools near the salanda pier. If you don’t have a diving certificate, you can study here; if you have a certificate, you can improve your diving skills here. Here are 5 diving schools for reference in the follows:

go dive

Website: www.godive-lanta.com

Email: info@godive-lanta.com

Reviews: Its price list is very complicated. It is the diving school that has the most advertisements in the hotels and restaurants on the island. It is located in the northern pier of Ko Lanta.

blue planet

Website: www.divinglanta.com

Email: blueplanetdivers@gmail.com

Reviews: there are Chinese instructors and you can do freediving courses, and there are many scuba diving courses, but you cannot find the price on the website. It is located at the northern pier of Ko Lanta. There is a parasol and the smoking and chatting place in front of the diving school. The atmosphere is also very good.

palm beach divers

Website: www.palmbeachdivers.com

Email: office@palmbeachdivers.com

Reviews: The price list is clear, with its own swimming pool, and it is located on the long beach in central Ko Lanta.


Website: www.scubafish.com

Email: None, there is only the website message board

Reviews: There are some dive site maps on the website. Some employees of the diving school have drawing skills, so there are more cartoon fish and maps. Doing data base work is relatively solid. It is located on the south of Ko Lanta.

lanta diver

Website: www.lantadiver.com

Email: scuba@lantadiver.com

Reviews: It is said that it is the oldest and largest diving school on the island, the old Swedish couple opens the school, so the guests are also mainly Swedish. The shop looks credible.

The following are the prices of Ko Lanta Island diving and certification, for reference only as the price will vary according to the off-peak season: for OW diving certification, the price is about 13,500 baht; for AOW diving certification, the price is about 13,000 baht. For Redstone Purple Stone + Haa Island Diving Day Tour, the price is about 5,000 baht.

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