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Clock Tower

Since its completion in 2009, Clock Tower has become the most eye-catching and splendid landmark in Chiang Rai city. During the day, the clock tower which is made of golden yellow, shines with dazzling brilliance under the sun; at night, the spotlights illuminate the tower from the bottom up, presenting a quiet and solemn atmosphere. Every night from 19 to 21 o’clock, there will be a sound and light show here. With the music background of “Song of Chiang Rai”, Clock Tower will change into different colors with the lights.

When you come to Chiang Rai, a place you must go is the Clock Tower. Many people choose to come here to watch the light show at night. It is really worth seeing. But you can come here to watch it twice, once during the sunset, and once when the Clock Tower starts to glow at night. Because when the sun is setting, the sun is shining on the golden tower and golden street lights, and it looks extraordinarily magnificent.

This Clock Tower is a landmark of Chiang Rai. It is located in the center of the street. At night, the entire Clock Tower will show different colors. Although it is not particularly tall, it is very delicate. Clock Tower looks dazzling in the daytime, which is very eye-catching, and at night, it seems to be performing a mini version of the light show.

The Clock Tower has the same appearance as most Thai towers, with a pointed top. The golden Clock Tower is surrounded by reliefs and looks very gorgeous. There are clocks on all sides of the Clock Tower. Clock Tower sparkles during the day. Taking photos with it will feel the light of Buddha. In the evening, Clock Tower will stage a beautiful sound and light show. The song and light make Clock Tower more charming.

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