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Cha-am Beach

Hua Hin is a seaside town that is 3-hour drive from Bangkok. It is a traditional Thai royal resort. Compared to the liveness of Pattaya, Hua Hin city is full of elegant and calm atmosphere. Here is the oldest and beautiful train station in Thailand, as well as the former Thai Royal Palace.

Cha-am Beach is not far from Hua Hin, and it is about 20 kilometers away. It is a seaside resort on the east coast of Thailand. Its wide and continuous bay outlines a beautiful arc. The beaches here are wide and sandy, and the calm blue waters look very clean. Compared with Hua Hin, this beach is much quieter, and it is rare to see foreign tourists. Usually, families or students from Bangkok come here to enjoy vacation and party on weekends and holidays.

The reason why Cha-am Beach is so popular comes from the simplicity and comfort of the beach itself. The wide beach is endless, and the soft silver sand can even make you forget to roll on the beach; the clean and transparent water will make you have fun. Compared to Hua Hin Beach, there are fewer tourists and it features cheaper prices, but the scenery here is better. Although there are many food stalls on the beach, no litter can be seen on the beach every day.

The clear water slaps the beach, the cool sea breeze blows your face. When you spread your arms, and stand quietly on Cha-am Beach, you will find that life is so beautiful and quiet. There are many other beach activities along the beach, such as enjoying horseback riding to take photos and experiencing the beach. In addition, all kinds of restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, are readily available on Cha-am Beach. Tourists will find suitable accommodation and restaurants here, and it is an ideal choice for relaxation. Also, near Cha-am Beach, there are หาด แหลม หลวง, Chaosamran Beach หาด เจ้าสำราญ, หาด ปีก เตียน.

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