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Month: January 2020

Dolphins Bay Phuket

Dolphins Bay Phuket is the only dolphinarium in Phuket and is considered to be the best dolphinarium in Asia. Instead of relying on the grandeur and luxury of the dolphinarium, the size of the interior, and the number of dolphins Read More

Bangkok Gustoso Restaurant

Gustoso buffet restaurant specializes in Japanese sushi, salmon, steak, and all kinds of Chinese and Western food. In addition, high-quality seafood, desserts, fresh fruits, hot and cold drinks are all available, and hundreds of delicious dishes are for you to taste. Read More

Three Kings Monument

Three Kings Monument now has become a place of pilgrimage for locals. People often present flowers at the feet of statues, light incense candles, and pray for the Three Kings’ spirits to send them well-being. Before the establishment of Chiang Read More