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Month: July 2019


If you want to eat seafood in Bangkok, just head to Bangkok’s most popular Sukhumvit Road, which has a restaurant, Octo seafood Bar. It is not only a new landmark in Bangkok, but also a well-known seafood shop that is recommended by everyone on Read More

Moh Island

Moh Island is an exotic, original tropical island which is very ideal for diving and trekking. Moh Island has beautiful colorful fish, and you can take with a waterproof camera to take the photos of the awesome underwater scenery. Moh Read More

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market

Phuket Town Weekend Night Market is a fairly large market with lots of small shops that are selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, local handicrafts, high-tech stuff, and roadside snacks. There are many kinds of things, there are many attractive things, Read More


First of all, the price in  Boots is affordable. Many products are even cheaper than that of in the UK, and many localized products containing natural botanical ingredients with Thai characteristics have been developed. Such as shampoo, body wash, massage Read More