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Month: May 2019

Baan Dam

In fact, Baan Dam is not a Buddhist temple, but a private residence. The owner of the house is a famous artist. After his death, it became a museum. The deceased artist was born from a small family, he was Read More

Grand Palace

Thailand is a country whose local people believe in Buddhism and is one of the most distinctive countries in Southeast Asia. The Grand Palace is a must-see attraction for tourists and the public. The Grand Palace, which was built in Read More

Goh Raja Yai

In Phuket, there are many interesting and beautiful beaches and small islands. Phuket itself has many different shapes and is made up of many beautiful islands. Goh Raja Yai, is a very interesting name, is also a very attractive beach. Read More

Kata Beach

Kata Beach has very beautiful and soft white beach. It is very comfortable to step on. It is very suitable to enjoy holiday there with children. It is especially recommended that the sunset in Kata Beach is really beautiful. The Read More