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The Sky Gallery

The self-positioning of the restaurant is very important. People’s facial features are perceived all the time. Perhaps for the restaurant, the taste comes last. In many cases, before the dish is ready, some customers’ patience and goodwill have worn off.

The Sky Gallery features a unique restaurant location. Under the hidden shade of the trees, a few steps away from the cliffs, it is the location of the Sky Gallery restaurant. The Sky Gallery pleasingly separates the restaurant into a concentrated theme area: beach area, bunker and lounge chairs. In the background of blue sea and blue sky, you will find that taking pictures there are very good; for the lazy area, throwing a few sofas on the green grass, ordering a drink can make you stay there for a whole day.

The most popular one is the cliff area. The feeling of being high up in the air that breaks through the sky is always obsessive. Especially at dusk, the sunset seems to be a special scene for you, and it feels intoxicating. What’s even more amazing is that there is a staircase from The Sky Gallery to the beach under the mountain, and it is very convenient for you to get in touch with the waves.

The Sky Gallery basically offers all kinds of dishes, and the menu doesn’t give you too much pressure. The drinks are around 100-150 baht and the meals are between 200-400 baht.

Unfortunately, although The Sky Gallery is ranked as one of the “the most popular restaurants in Pattaya”, the negative comments on the restaurant service and dining experience are quite a lot. Overall, 90% of the bad reviews are about the cuisine and service. If you have high demand on the cuisine and service, The Sky Gallery may not be a good place to have dinner.

The Sky Gallery Restaurant Information:

Opening hours: 8:00 – 24:00

Phone: +66 92 821 8588

Address: 400/488 M.12 Pratamnak Rd., Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

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