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Shabu Shi Bangkok

Shabu Shi is a Japanese-style buffet hot pot restaurant that dominates all major Bangkok food guides. It is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that retains the original Japanese taste and has made some adjustments to the Thai taste. There are also many locals dining but the overall style is Japanese. One person has one pot and sits around the rotating bar. About what to eat, you can take it on the turntable. After you sit down, a waiter will ask if you need the sushi which costs 139 baht. This is actually six slices of salmon. If you want to eat, you can try it.

There is no limit to the number of foods. Rotary hot pot, drinks, fruits, sushi, Japanese and Korean snacks, etc. are all available there. It is worth mentioning that their crab meat is pure meat! Also, the sushi here is very delicious, fish and shrimp are fresh, beef is also very good, and there is an unlimited amount of Nestle ice cream. The taste of the bottom of the Thai hot pot is relatively light.

Price: Adults (THB 419 / person), Children (Heights above 1.3m: THB 419 / person; Heights below 1m3: THB 209 / person)

Address: Shabu Shi has many branches, the more famous one is MBK’s store, which is located at MBK center, 2nd floor, Zone A

In addition, in the alley of Mahathai in Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok, there is a very delicious buffet seafood restaurant: so seafood. This restaurant has the most authentic barbecued seafood. It costs 90 baht and you can eat for 90 minutes. The most seductive here are the giant cuttlefish, white tender scallops, sea blue prawns, and tender beef. When colliding with the hot flame, it will show the most attractive color and your taste buds will bloom! If you want to try more buffets, you can go there and check out the address at Soi Ramkhamhaeng 65, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Wang Thong Lang. Phone: 082-169-9993

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