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Err Urban Rustic Thai Restaurant

Err Urban Rustic Thai is a Thai gourmet restaurant that is hidden in an alley. The end of the alley is the Chao Phraya River, which is near the pier of the Grand Palace. When you come here, you can find the most authentic taste of food in the alley.

The restaurant has original dishes that are created by the boss, as well as those delicious food that are modified by the chef. The food variety is as diverse as more than 40 dishes. There are also many delicious drinks to choose from. If you want to know the food introduction in detail in the restaurant, you can check on the restaurant’s official website.

If you rate the decoration of this restaurant, it is definitely 10 points. The decoration in the restaurant is inspired by nostalgic Thailand. It is decorated with various ancient objects. The mottled wall makes people feel like they are in the old Thai street stalls. In addition, there are many vintage small items and artworks in the restaurant, which are super suitable for taking pictures!

When you enter the restaurant, it will give you a feeling of returning to childhood in an instant, as the atmosphere there is very warm. Due to the limited space, there are fewer tables and chairs in the restaurant, but the most attractive thing is the charming scenery outside the restaurant. The restaurant is backed by the Temple of Dawn, which is not far from the Wat Pho. It is very convenient to walk to the temple in less than 5 minutes after meals!

The special recipes created by the RyoiiReview team have been sought after by diners:

Fried water spinach with shrimp sauce: 165 Baht

Sauerkraut Pork Feet Soup: 180 Baht

Rice noodles with pork: 195 Baht

Fried chicken skin: 150 baht

Pork neck meat: 220 baht

Rice: 35 baht

Address: Err, 394/35 Maharaj Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: 02 622 2291

Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00 from Tuesday to Sunday; closed on Monday

Price: THB 35.00-THB 350.00

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