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Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant

For toproof restaurants, many people know Up & Above restaurant. This restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, and the most famous of which is afternoon tea. Most of the Japanese-style meals there also include sake, and the afternoon tea will be changed from season to season. But today we are going to recommend another great toproof restaurant: Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant.

Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant, formerly known as The Zeppelin, is located on the 46th floor of Sky Walk Condominium where the entire building is a mixed residential and commercial building. Although it does not provide a 360-degree full field of view, it also has a good field of view. You can see the night view of Bangkok here. It is also a little famous in Bangkok. The most attractive thing in the restaurant is the corridor, Sky Walk, because the building is hollow, and the central floor is replaced by glass, which is similar to the design concept of the patio. Looking from the top to the bottom, you will feel the bottom floor is scared. Friends who have fear of heights will definitely be scared to go around there. After all, the height of the 46 floors is also very high.

Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant specializes in Italian and Thai cuisine. The chef has worked in five-star restaurants in the United States and has won many awards. The taste is naturally excellent. Next to the Sky Walk, it is an indoor dining area, which is richly decorated and very textured. However, many people prefer the outdoor to the indoor, especially in the evening. The afterglow of the setting sun is really beautiful to make people speechless. There is also an arched bar counter outside, with no noisy DJ sound, and it is just purely for music, making it especially suitable for having a drink there. The price is not very expensive. The cheapest soft drink is 100 baht, which is really cheap.

Address: 1595/500 ถนน สุขุมวิท พระโขนง เหนือ วัฒนา Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Opening hours: 17: 00–01: 00

Phone: +66 81 916 4270

Transportation: Take BTS to Phra Khanong (E8) Station, Exit 3

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