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Buddy Beer Wine Bar and Grill Restaurant

Khao San Road is a paradise for backpackers in the world. It is the location of the film “The Beach” and the famous place where Bangkok’s nightlife begins. In such a mysterious and seductive Khao San Road, an authentic Italian handmade pizzeria is hidden, which attracts diners from all corners of the world. This shop is called Buddy Beer Wine Bar and Grill, which also features the restaurant-bar business model. Its signature dish is authentic Italian Naples handmade pizza, which also sells wine and some Thai food for more choices for you there.

The two-story dome makes the entire shop look extraordinary, with lush green plants climbing the wall and the wrought iron lamp, exuding a fresh and warm Mediterranean atmosphere. The open-air dining area is full of tropical plants, and the styles of different countries mix and match, making the overall landscape layout look full of charm; the unique elephant statue echoes with the white fountain in the garden. The small garden behind the bar has an Italian traditional stone oven. What’s more appealing than the environment is the food itself. All the pizzas in the Buddy Beer are made on site, showing the whole handmade process.

Check more tips:

1. Buddy Beer’s pizzas are all 18 inches and prices range from 270-320 baht

2. Naples pizza has 2 authentic flavors, namely garlic tomato sauce pizza, and margarita pizza

3. The traditional craftsmanship of Naples pizza is only using 4 kinds of materials: flour, water, yeast, and salt. It is completely handmade when making noodles and rolling noodles. It takes three to five days for natural fermentation

4. Ingredient include Fine-grained Italian No. 0 or 00 Duran wheat flour, long and succulent San Mazzano tomatoes growing on the southern plains of Mount Vesuvius, and mozzarella cheese from Campana water

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