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Bangkok JA-LERN-THAI-SU-KI Hotpot Restaurant

JA-LERN-THAI-SU-KI Hotpot Restaurant is an old Chinese hotpot restaurant that has been in business for more than 50 years. The store has attracted a lot of customers coming to this restaurant.

The hot pot dish here includes pork ribs with soy sauce, seasoned chicken breast, shrimp, squid, fish balls, shrimp balls, tofu balls, seasoned fish meat, as well as various vegetables and delicious soups. bottom. When serving, the waiter usually put the above meat on a plate, then pour the exclusive secret sauce on the meat, beat two eggs and one duck egg into it, then you can serve. The price of this dish is around THB 390.

The hot pot soup is stewed with ribs, cabbage and sugar cane. After the soup starts to change color from white to medium yellow, you can smell the fragrance of this ribs soup. The most indispensable item of this restaurant is the exclusive secret hotpot dipping sauce! The sauce mixes stuffed tofu, pepper, garlic, and seasonings. When you eat, clip the meat and stir it in the sauce plate to let the sauce blend into the meat.

Vegetables in the JA-LERN-THAI-SU-KI Hotpot Restaurant should be put into the hot pot soup first, and then the meat in the already-picked plate should be put into the hot pot, and the soup should be stirred frequently while cooking, otherwise it may stick to the bottom of the pot. When you taste the fragrant herbal pot soup with large chunks of meat that are dipped in sauce, you will definitely feel it really delicious. Looking at the setting of the hot pot ingredients on the plate, you can realize that the Thai hot pot is actually very different, but very delicious.

Opening hours: 10.00-23.00 daily

Phone: 0-2438-0313, 0-2439-0556, 0-2439-7216

Transportation: Take BTS to Wongwian-Yai Station

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