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Bangkok Gustoso Restaurant

Gustoso buffet restaurant specializes in Japanese sushi, salmon, steak, and all kinds of Chinese and Western food. In addition, high-quality seafood, desserts, fresh fruits, hot and cold drinks are all available, and hundreds of delicious dishes are for you to taste. Gustoso may not be enough to attract discerning eaters only with “hundreds of dishes”, and it must be humanized in details to better meet the standards of metropolitan men and women.

When you are seated, the staff will put some clips on the table, these are for you to order the food that is freshly made. For example: Your seat is the F12 table, and the reserved food will be delivered by the staff after the preparation. Freshness guarantee is also a manifestation of quality. The steak is made on-site, you can choose your favorite steak, and then use the clip to get it to the corresponding area. The black pepper juice is rich and mellow, and the steak meat is tender and delicate. The roasting process of the beef is also very eye-catching, and the process of roasting beef on the fire makes people appetite. The roasted beef is smooth and tender, and the gravy bursts when you chew it in the mouth, filling the tongue with happiness.

Salmon and tuna sashimi are all fresh. Salmon meat has elasticity, fish has a bright color, firm meat, and savory sweetness, and the unique umami of fish is sweet in the mouth. The meat is tender and smooth, and you won’t feel greasy if you eat it. In Thailand, a country rich in seafood, of course, seafood is no shortage. Shrimp and squid simmer freely, and there is a heating place next to it, you can choose whether to heat it or not.

Opening hours of Gustoso: 11: 00-22: 00

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