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Phuket is an island with the relatively concentrated attractions and entertainment in Thailand. It is not boring to play here for a week. There are 12 beaches on Phuket, which are mature and the three beaches where tourists are concentrated are Patong Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Beach. There are many resorts on Phuket beach, and there are many sea entertainment projects. The fantasea theme park, Simon Cabaret performance, Muay Thai fight performance, Jungle Flight and so on can bring you endless fun. There are more than 30 outlying islands around Phuket. You can ride on the sea to play with the waves, and you can sneak into the sea to play with the fish. You can even find an uninhabited island to enjoy the pure and soft beach, which are things to do in Phuket.

Top 5 must-see attractions in Phuket:

Goh Raja Yai

The most desirable “paradise” island around Phuket with the original natural scenery, and is a snorkeling holy land.

Phuket Town

Phuket Town shows the most complete reflection of Phuket’s history. The colonial-style old buildings, quaint folk customs and classic vintage cars are the highlights of the town.

Kata Beach

The most beautiful beach among the three major beaches in Phuket, which is quieter than Patong Beach, more convenient than Karon Beach, and it is a holiday destination for European and American tourists.

Karon Beach

Phuket’s third largest beach and one of the longest beaches on the Phuket Island

Patong Beach

One of the earliest developed and most mature beaches and the most commercial area. A variety of water activities are available on the Patong beach, such as water parasols, dinghies, sailing, surfing, jet skiing, etc., to fully enjoy the tropical island style.

Best places for shopping in Phuket:

There are also many department stores in Phuket for shopping, where you can buy some branded clothing, cosmetics, shoes, hats, bags, etc., and the item variety in Phuket is not inferior to the capital Bangkok. But normally the price of shopping malls in Phuket is higher than that of in Bangkok, so if you go to Bangkok by the way, it is recommended to purchase in Bangkok. And here are some shopping malls recommended for you in Phuket: Jungceylon, Central Festival Phuket, Ocean Plaza Beachfront, Robinson Department Store, Big C Jungceylon, Tesco Lotus, Carrefour Patong etc.

Nightlife in Phuket:

Nightlife is an indispensable theme in Phuket, and Patong Beach is known for its lively nightlife. Every night in Soi Bangla, the heart of the Patong Beach Bar District, it is a feast for tourists. At night, Patong shows its visitors a different charm. If you want to experience the nightlife of Phuket in those quiet bars, then Kata Beach and Karon Beach are good choices. And here are some recommendations for the nightlife in Phuket: Seduction Nightclub Phuket, Tiger Disco, Phuket Simon Cabaret, Aphrodite Cabaret Show etc.

Restaurants to enjoy delicious local food in Phuket:

When you arrive in Phuket, how can you not try the local seafood? There are many seafood restaurants on the island. You can go to the seafood market to buy some food and then ask the restaurant to help you to make it. You can also choose to eat freshly on the seafood street, or you can have seafood on the beach while blowing the sea breeze. And here are some ideal restaurants recommended for you to have a taste: Savoey Restaurant, Mr Good’s Seafood, 99 Restaurant, Your Kitchen, Patong Seafood Restaurant etc.

Here are the tour guides for your trip to Phuket, and just enjoy your tour in Phuket.

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