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Where Is Cheaper to Enjoy Nightlife in Thailand?

Thailand is a highly cost-effective country in Southeast Asia, but there are still differences between each city. Overall, Bangkok’s prices are more expensive than Pattaya, mainly because Bangkok, as the capital of Thailand, has the highest population density in Thailand. The city is also regarded as the financial center of Thailand, so many well-known international companies have their Asian headquarters in Bangkok.

Therefore, the demand in the market of Bangkok will be much more than Pattaya, and naturally, the price will be higher. In popular tourist areas, prices may be even much higher.

Interestingly, in Bangkok, as long as you stay away from popular tourist areas such as the red-light district, you will find that the price becomes much cheaper. So, keep in mind that if you go exploring, you can find some affordable places in Bangkok. But it takes a certain amount of experience. And to come to Bangkok to play, most people definitely consider of convenience.

Which in Pattaya, the price is usually cheaper, the farther away from the pedestrian street and beach road area, the cheaper price you can enjoy. Pattaya is more like a seaside town than a business district. Although many people visit here every year, it is still not as developed as Bangkok, and in most cases, the price is cheaper than Bangkok.

However, the price in the area of the pedestrian street in Pattaya is not cheap, and the fee to enjoy at Pattaya’s night bars will not be less than that of Bangkok, and some are even higher. So, in terms of price, Pattaya has an advantage.

For someone with petty bourgeoisie, whether you are a man or a woman, you may prefer Pattaya and more love the atmosphere of Pattaya’s seaside town, and also the slower pace of life in Pattaya.

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