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Huigong Wang Night Market

Huigong Wang Night Market

There are many lively and fun night markets in Thailand. Unlike many night markets, Huigong Wang Night Market is a night market that belongs to the locals and is the most popular gourmet night market. The main feature of Huai Khwang Night Market is gourmet food. Various stalls sell a variety of attractive snacks, and there are also a variety of small commodity stalls for you to choose favorite items. Because most of the consumers here are Thai, there will be no price bargains. There are Pork foot rice, Thai style fried kway teow, fried chicken, fish, noodle stall, etc. If you have room in your stomach, just try it!

Huigong Wang Night Market is a large seafood night market near Huigong Wang Temple. Fresh seafood is sold here, and it’s all clearly priced. But the entire market is soggy, it’s best to wear sneakers. The seafood here is very cheap and really super fresh. Although it is not well-known, it also gathers many cuisines from all over Bangkok.

Huigong Wang Night Market is a small-scale night market. There are many stalls along the street, including food, small goods, and some bars and cafes. It is very lively, mostly people here are locals, and it is worth visiting.

In Huigong Wang Night Market, you can also see a lot of funny things, and this is a good place to buy items and it is also good to come here to visit. The night market food is also worth tasting, and eating here is also a good enjoyment. If you want to have a good time at the Huigong Wang Night Market, it is best to come here after 23:00 p.m. The whole night market will be full of enthusiasm, which is definitely suitable for those who like to join in the fun!

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