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Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market is Hua Hin’s most famous night market. When the night comes, tourists from all over the world come here one after another. Walking around the night market is a great entertainment in the evening, where you can not only taste delicious food, select souvenirs, but also experience the cultural life of local people. The Hua Hin night market is not as big as what you have imagined, and it is actually just a street. The night market sells a variety of items, including shirts, souvenirs, traditional Thai snacks, freshly squeezed juices, and more.

The main purpose of many people visiting the night market is to eat seafood. There are many shops selling seafood on the whole street. They put the seafood at the door and let visitors choose. Fatty lobsters, crabs, prawns and shells on the ice pile attract the gluttonous tourists. There will be a Chinese sign on the side of the seafood, and the guys who invite customers in front of the store will speak some simple English.

You can go to the famous Ko seafood store here to taste grilled lobster with garlic cheese, Thai curry crab, Thai fried oil clams, and fried rice with crab meat. They are all very good. A lobster of more than 2 pounds costs just more than 1,800 baht, which is very affordable.

Fresh Tender Coconut is a natural drink that many people must order when visiting Thailand. In the seafood restaurants at the Hua Hin night market, you can often see the tourists on the table with big green coconuts to taste with seafood. One big green coconut costs 35 baht. It is heard that eating seafood here can be bargained. You can compare the prices of several restaurants to choose the highest cost-performance one to enjoy the delicious seafood here.

Tickets: free

Reviews: you cannot miss the seafood here

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