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Bangkok Backstage Cocktail Bar

Bar Tags: World Class Team and Exclusive Special Drinks

Behind the curtains in the lobby of the Playhaus Hotel, a different night world is hidden. It doesn’t look like having much space, but it is full of countless varieties of cocktails. The lights in the room flash on the glass to create the feeling of a dance floor. With the lively music, the guests’ body unconsciously moves with the beat.

When you are here for the first time, it is highly recommended that you try Gin’s Perial, which uses the special Gin Tonic as the base wine, and adds a few drops of lemon juice and East Imperial’s Burma Tonic. The weight must be properly controlled, otherwise, the taste will be bitter. Finally, sprinkle with a few pomegranate seeds and citrus to garnish, and also to add a bit of fruity flavor to this cocktail, then a glass of Gin’s Perial that looks sour and sweet is finished.

The most interesting thing is to ask the bartender to give you a special drink. He will ask you what flavor you want, what kind of wine flavor you like or which cocktail you choose, and then tailor a unique cocktail for you. After a glass of special drink is produced, the clerk will help you to take a photo with the exclusive special drink, and write the recipe of this glass of wine on the back so that you can drink the same wine next time you come back and remember the taste of the original taste.

If several people go to the bar together with you and want a space of privacy, this place can still satisfy you. When you sit on a sofa chair and pull the curtain, it belongs to your own world in the Q & A Bar.

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