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Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat in Bangkok is an important temple in Thailand. It is also one of the oldest and largest temples in Thailand. The most famous attractions here are the huge swing in front of the temple, and the gorgeous murals in the temple. It is also one of the most exuberant temples in Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore, if you are to pray for something, Wat Suthat is surely one of the ideal places for you to make your dream come true when you take a visit to Thailand. It is worth visiting.

Wat Suthat’s building is not too large and looks very rustic. It is not as brilliant as other temples, and it is relatively simple. Some of the Buddha statues that are enshrined in the temple are closer to Chinese traditional Buddha statues. However, this temple is located in the center of Bangkok’s ancient city. It still very important in the minds of locals. It has some very special murals that reflect the traditional religious stories of Thailand. It is very interesting to take a visit, and this is also the focus of visiting this temple.

The main hall of Wat Suthat is very tall. Here you can feel the strong atmosphere of Buddhism, and you can see many Buddhist monks who are obsessed with Buddhism practicing there.

Wat Suthat is Thailand’s national first-level temple that is covering 10 acres, and is one of Thailand’s oldest and largest temples. It is famous for its beautiful roof contours, huge Buddha statues, gorgeous frescoes and huge swings. The temple has a statue of Shakyamuni from Sukhothai Province. It is glittering and splendid. The gorgeous murals in the temple can reach 2565 square meters. It is the largest and most important mural in Thailand. The picture is intricate and colorful, which is definitely worth enjoying.

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