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Wat Samphran

This 17-storey temple which is surrounded by a blue dragon is actually pink in appearance, and it is a Chinese-style temple! Although there is the feature of Hinduism, there are many Mahayana Buddhism portraits and sculptures, such as Guanyin Bodhisattva.

The opening days are determined by the abbot of the monastery. If you happen to be able to visit, you are lucky enough. The designer of the temple is a mystery.

Playing in this mysterious temple is like an adventure. It is said that there are really a few treasures inside. The dragon’s body is a tunnel. Through the body, you can climb to the top of the temple. But many of the passages are now unusable and it is very difficult to climb. Try hard and walk through the darkness, and come to the end you will meet the surprise there.

Wat Samphran is a MIX-style temple: Chinese Mahayana Buddhism together with the Hinduism, where you can see Guanyin Bodhisattva, you can see hanging red lanterns, and you can see Hindu gods and beasts. As if you felt every place different and as if you were entering the mysterious animal world. And through this forest, you will meet many “animals”.

Wat Samphran has a total of 16 floors, only 1-2 floors are for tourists, 3-16 floors are dedicated to monks, and the underground floor is used as an office area for the temple. Today this temple attracts more and more tourists coming there for a visit. Although the opening hours are uncertain, even if you can’t go in and visit such a cool temple, you can feel the domineering atmosphere of the green dragon outside. Remember not to disturb the purity of the temple when you are traveling there.

Address: Sampran a Sampran CH Nakorpthom, Bangkok 73110, Thailand

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