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Wat Phumin

Wat Phumin is located in the heart of Nan Province, about one kilometer from the moat. There are many shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. And in the evening, many people go shopping here or stroll around to look for the delicious snacks there. So, it is in the middle of a busy market.

There is a large grass field next to Wat Phumin, and it is the most popular place almost every weekend night. Everyone brings the snacks that are bought at the night market, take out a tablecloth from the bag and spread it skillfully on the ground, then sit down and chat and eat barbecue leisurely there. When the night gets deeper, they get up to pack things, turn around and go home without leaving a little garbage. This is a weekend night pastime for the locals. For tourists, they will go directly to the attraction.

The origin of Wat Phumin is not simple. It was completed and appeared to the public as early as 1497. About 400 years later, a large-scale repair project was carried out in the mid-1860s. At that time, many painters were also organized to make murals in the temple. After decades of hard work, all the efforts were completed. Since then, it has been kept till today without making many changes, but it also takes regular breaks. If you want to visit the temple, there is an entrance in each of direction of the temple, with steps on all sides leading to the gate that is exquisitely carved, and all gates are dedicated to Sukhothai-style gilded Buddha statues. If you look down from a high altitude, you will find that its main hall is cross-shaped. This structure is particularly special in the temple group.

Entering the temple seems to have a mysterious force that is illuminated by the light of the Buddha. It is full of solemn atmosphere everywhere, making people unconsciously calm down. In Wat Phumin, the murals can be seen everywhere in different styles, but they vividly depict the self-sufficient daily life of the Lanna people in ancient times, and also have a cultural background that seems to be visited by western missionaries.

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