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Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit is located on the Ayutthaya Road in the north of Bangkok City. It is also known as the “Marble Temple”. The main entrance of Wat Benchamabophit is on the Nakhon Phathom Road. Compared to other temples in Bangkok, there are few tourists here. The incense of the temple is not too strong. Basically, it is the locals who come to visit.

The temple was built in the Dacheng Dynasty (1350-1767). At the beginning of the 19th century, Rama II was rebuilt. In 1899, Rama V increased an additional corridor, a depositarry of Buddhist texts, and a Buddhist college. The architecture of this temple is rich in strong western color. And it is featuring the most western color among the Thai Buddhist temple architectures, and is regarded as a model of Buddhist sculpture in the 19th century. The temple’s image is printed on the back of the Thai currency of 5 Thai coins.

After entering the temple, you can see the golden main hall, with stone lion guards on both sides of the door. The top of the main hall is covered with Chinese glazed tiles. The beams are divided into five layers and the composition is exquisite. Inside the gold foil window frame, it is inlaid with stained glass, to be noble and beautiful. Under the roof of the main hall, there are square triangular arches.

The best time to visit Wat Benchamabophit is when the monk in the temple is chanting every morning. The vast and quiet courtyard echoes the chanting sounds of the monks, and the incense fill the temple, allowing visitors to feel the solemnity of Buddhism in a strong religious atmosphere. But keep in mind that you need to take off your shoes if you are to enter the hall of the Wat Benchamabophit.

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