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Three Kings Monument

Three Kings Monument now has become a place of pilgrimage for locals. People often present flowers at the feet of statues, light incense candles, and pray for the Three Kings’ spirits to send them well-being.

Before the establishment of Chiang Mai City, the three kings of northern Thailand discussed and established it, mainly as the capital of Lanna State. The Three Kings Monument is a vivid description of the three kings and is the most important monument in Chiang Mai. There are a few items under the statue, with fresh fruits and scented candles flowers as a sign of respect. Prayers can be seen worshiping here by day and night.

You can take a photo with the monument when you are standing in the square in front of Three Kings Monument. In the square in front of the monument, various commemorative activities are often held, such as a gathering of thousands of people eating here. If you encounter it, you can participate and feel the lively atmosphere. In addition, you can also pay attention to the ribbons on the waist of Three Kings. Sometimes they are golden and sometimes they are red. They change according to different festivals. You need to take off your shoes when you are to worship at the altar in front of the monument. Don’t play with the tributes on the altar at will.

Behind the monument, it is the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center. This cultural center is a masterpiece of post-colonial Thai architecture, displaying precious Lanna collections and traditional northern culture. Interactive exhibitions, short-term art exhibitions, and art lectures are often held here. There is also a library in the cultural center, so if you have time, you might as well visit it together to know more about Chiang Mai if you like.

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