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Railay Beach

Railay Beach is divided into three beaches, namely East Railay, West Railay and Phra Nang. The overall size is small. It takes 10 minutes from East Railay to West Railay or PhraNang. Railay Beach is famous for rock climbing and has numerous rock faces and caves. The beach is distributed under the rock wall and has a different flavor.

East Railay is a pier with no beaches. It is a muddy beach, especially during low tide. The end of the beach covered with mangroves is the biggest highlight of East Railay.

The beach area of West Railay is slightly larger and is a place where tourists are more concentrated. Phra Nang is not large in size. It is located below the rock wall and has a stalactite cave with a statue of a goddess to bless. The entire PhraNang has a feeling of paradise.

In the late 1980s, a New Zealander who was familiar with rock climbing came to Krabi and found that the local terrain was very suitable for rock climbing, and he taught local young people to learn rock climbing techniques. Soon, several young people in Thailand opened their first rock climbing school in Railay Beach. More and more climbers are coming to the scenes, and more and more climbing schools are open nearby, which finally form today’s rock-climbing destination.

Railay Beach’s rock-climbing training is mainly concentrated in East Railay. In addition to the ordinary practice wall, the mountain walls on both sides of the beach are natural driving ranges. As long as the weather is good, people are always practicing rock climbing skills there. Since 2003, the local rock-climbing festival has attracted many fans and talents to participate. Participating in rock climbing courses at Railay Beach normally costs a total of 1000 THB per day, but it is also very interesting to add fun for your trip to Thailand.

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