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Mosquito Island

The islands near Krabi have many very strange names. Mosquito Island is one of them. In fact, this island gets its name, not because of the mosquitoes on the island, but because the island looks like a giant mosquito with a pointed beak from a distance. So, it is vividly called Mosquito Island, which is very interesting.

To the east of Mosquito Island, it is a rocky shore. A beautiful small beach is surrounded in the middle of the valley. Gorgeous coral reefs are faintly visible in the clear waters. The most beautiful coral rocks of Phi Phi Island here attract many tourists to snorkel. Mosquito Island is located in the north of Ko Phi Phi Don. It is an independent island. There are many mosquitoes on the island, so tourists who come here basically do not visit the island, but just snorkel in the surrounding waters. The water depth here is about 3-6 meters, and there are rich tropical marine life. You can see anemones and clown fish.

Mosquito Island, also known as Koh Young, is an outlying island north of Ko Phi Phi Don as mentioned. Mosquito Island is worthy of the name. There are a lot of mosquitoes, so remember to apply a lotion before going to the island to prevent mosquito bites. Here the boat stops directly at sea and you can directly go snorkeling.

Mosquito Island is close to Ko Mai Phai Island and can be reached by taking the long tail boat in 15 minutes. Mosquito Island’s terrain is basically rocky and looks beautiful. The environmental protection here is really very good. When you visit the Mosquito Island, you should not board the island at present. Tourists basically come to the island for basic snorkeling and then go to Ko Mai Phai Island for sunbathing and deep snorkeling.

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